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Photo of Director of Road Department & Public Works and Solid Waste & Recycling Ryan Steingruber

Ryan Steingruber


117 Brett Dickey Memorial Drive
Ellijay, GA 30536

Ronnie Chadwick

Office Hours: 7am-3:30pm

Road Department & Public Works

The Gilmer County Road Department is given the task of construction and maintenance of the road and capital infrastructure of Gilmer County. Road Department personnel are directed by Superintendent Ronnie Chadwick.

With nearly 500 miles of County maintained roads in one of North Georgia’s largest and mountainous counties, the tasks of the Road Department are numerous and widespread, including mowing, clearing and chipping, drainage repair and maintenance, motor grading, re-surfacing, road widening, and new road construction. The Gilmer County Road Department faithfully maintains and improves the County Road System on a regular basis, as well as serving on-call during inclement weather and emergency situations.

The Gilmer County Maintenance Facility, or “Shop,” is comprised of three mechanics and laborers also under the direction of Superintendent Ronnie Chadwick. The duties of the shop not only encompass the repairs and maintenance to the Road Department equipment, but also extend to others, including the Tax Assessors, Planning & Zoning, etc.

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Aaron Road
Abbot Court
Abbot Top Road
Acorn Lane
Adventure Trail
Airport Drive
Allen Road
Alpine Court
Alpine Farm Road
Anderson Creek Road
Anderson Road
Anna Way
Apple Country Lane
Armstrong Drive
August Lane
Avery Lane
Azalea Drive
Back Pine Way
Ball Creek Road North
Banjo Way
Banks Road
Banner Circle
Barnes Mountain Road
Bates Drive
Bates Road
Bayou Court
Bear Paw Trail
Bennett Ridge
Berean Church Road
Berean Circle
Bernhardt Road
Berry Hill Drive
Berry Hill Road
Bible Baptist Road
Big Creek Road
Big Willow Lane
Blackberry Mountain Road
Blue Jay Lane
Blue Springs Road
Boardtown Road
Bodie Road
Branch Trail
Brawner Road
Brook Hollow Circle
Bubba’s Mountain Road
Bucktown Trail
Buford Weaver Road
Burgess Circle
Burgess Road
Burleson Road
Burnt Mountain Road
Bushy Head Road
Call-Wright Road
Cameron Drive
Camp Branch Road
Candler Road
Candler Way
Cantown Road
Cantrell Road
Carolyn Drive
Cartecay Cove Drive
Chadwick Road
Chancey Road
Charles Road
Charlie Waters Road
Charlottes Web Drive
Cherokee Drive
Cherry Log Avenue
Cherry Log Cemetery Rd.
Cherry Log Street
Chinquapin Road
Chopped Oak Road
Chow Lane
Clear Creek Lane
Clear Creek Road
Clear Lane
Colbert Mountain Road
Conasauga Road
Cornett Drive
Corvair Circle
Cougar Lane
Country Hill Road
Country Hill Trace
County Road 226
Cowboy Trail
Crabapple Court
Crabapple Lane
Craigtown Road
Creekview Drive
Cripple Creek Lane
Cripple Creek Road
Cripple Creek Drive
Crooked Court
Crossroads Church Road
Dale Valley Circle
Dale Valley Lane
Dales Spur Road
Dalrymple Circle
Dancing Water Way
Daniel Boone Road
Davis Road
Deer Stand Drive
Depot Lane
Diamond Lure Road
Diamond Road
Dogwood Road
Doll Mountain Road
Dotson Road
Double Head Gap Road
Dover Chapel Road
Dover Chapel Terrace
Dusty Dixie Farm Road
East Harris Branch Road
East Mountaintown Trail
East New Hope Road
Ebenezer Road
Edmondson Road
Elford Road
Eller Road
Ellington Road
Emerald Cove Drive

Evans Road
Evergreen Drive
Evergreen Trail
Falcon Circle
Farris Arnold Drive
Felton Drive
Fendley Road
Fern Lane
Fern Valley Road
Flag Pole Road
Flat Branch Road
Flat Branch Trail
Flat Creek Church Road
Flat Creek Ch. Cem. Road
(Old) Flat Creek Sch. Rd.
Fleetwood Drive
Forestry Hills Drive
Fowler Road
Fred Beasley Road
Garrett Branch Circle
Garrett Branch Road
Gates Chapel Road
Ginger Lane
Goose Island Road
Grandview Drive
Grapevine Lane
Greenfield Lane
Greenfield Road
Greenwood Ford
Gunstock Creek Lane
Gunstock Creek Road
Hagin Circle
Hagin Lane
Hagin Road
Hal Ponder Road
Hannah Drive
Hap Holt Road
Hardslate Road
Harold Pritchett Road
Harper Road
Harper Valley Road
Harpers Creek Road
Henry Cantrell Road
Henry Evans Road
Hicks Ford Road
Hickory Ridge Drive
Hidden Valley Trail
Hill Road
Holden Road
Hollow Log Road
Holt Bridge Road
Holt Brigham Drive
Holt Drive
Holt Road
Holly Berry Drive
Holly Berry Court
Homer Wright Road
Horseshoe Circle
Hospital Circle
Howard Simmons Road
Hudson Drive
Hudson-Martin Road
Hummingbird Lane
Hummingbird Drive
Independence Circle
Indian Springs Trail
Ivy Lane
Jakar Court
James Court
James Drive
Jennifer Drive
Jewell Garrett Road
JoAnn Sisson Road
John Call Road
John Teem Road
John Waters Road
Johnson Mill Road
Jones Road
July Lane
Keener Road
Kells Ridge Drive
Kennemur Road
Knight Drive
Knight Lane
Knight Road
Lakeview Court
Lakeview Road
Larue Lane
Laurel Ridge Road
Laurel Trail
Lee Pritchett Road
Leeches Road
Legion Road
Leonard Evans Road
Leslie Allen Drive
Leslie Cantrell Road
Licklog Road
Licklog Trail
Little Rock Creek Road
Llama Lane
Log Round Mountain Road
Log Round Mountain Trail
Loper Lane
Lower Cartecay Road
Lower Tails Creek Road
Lowman Road
Lucius Road
Luke Quarles Road
Macedonia Road
Mack Long Road
Maple Rest Lane
Maxwell Road
McCollum Road
Mealer Road
Miller – Long Road
Mission Hill Road
Misty Valley Lane
Monticello Road
Moon Crest Ridge
Moreland Road
Mountain Ash Road

Mount Pisgah Drive
Mount Pisgah Road
Mount Pleasant Drive
Mount Zion Road
Mountaintown Road
Mulkey Road
New Hope Club Road
New Hope Road
New Hope Trail
New Liberty Road
New Liberty Road
New Liberty Trail
North Bull Gap Road
Night Circle
North Garrett Branch Road
North Jones Mill Road
North Pine Road
North Piney Spur
Northcutt Road
Nugget Lane
Oak Hill Road
Oak Ridge Lane
Old Bearean Rd
Old Bennett Road
Old Bucktown Road
Old Clear Creek Road
Old Faith Church Road
Old Federal Road
Old Flat Branch Road
Old Flat Creek Road
Old Highway 5 South
Old Miller Rock Lane
Old Miller Rock Road
Old Miller Rock Way
Old Northcutt Road
Old Parker Place Road
Old Parker Terrace
Old Parker Trail
Old Pine Way
Old Pleasant Valley Drive
Old Pleasant Valley Lane
Old Pleasant Valley Road
Old Ridge Road
Old Roundtop Road
Old S.R. 5 Conn. (Bates Road)
Old South Drive
Old Tail Creek Road
Old Twiggs Road
Orchard Drive
Orchard Lane
Orchard Loop
Orchard Road
Osborne Road
Overhanging Rock Rd.
Owltown Farm Drive
Owltown Road
Oxford Drive
Painter Road
Parker Drive
Parker Road
Parker Trail
Parks Drive
Parks Road
Parksbrooke Road
Parris Road
Pen Drive
Peppermint Lane
Pettit Road
Pike Road
Pine Mountain Drive
Pine Way
Piney Spur Road
Pinson Lane
Pioneer Court
Pioneer Terrace
Pioneer Trail
Pisgah Road
Pleasant Gap Cem. Road
Pleasant Gap Circle
Pleasant Gap Road
Pleasant Grove Road
Pleasant Hill Road
Pleasant Valley Road
Plum Nelley
Pole Coffee Circle
Ponderosa Road
Quail Run Road
Quarles Lane
Quill Circle
Rackley Road
Rainbow Hill Drive
Ralston Drive
Ralston Road
Raspberry Court
Raspberry Lane
Raven Cliff Road
Ray Miller Road
Ray Mountain Road
Richards Road
Ridgeview Trail
Ridgeway Church Road
River Bend Road
River Hill Road
River Lane
Riverbend Circle
Riverbottom Road
Riverwood Road
Roberts Ridge Road
Robs Road
Rock Creek Connector
Rock Creek Court
Rock Creek Lane
Rock Creek Road
Rock Quarry Road
Rocky Hollow Road
Rodgers Creek Road
Ron Jon Road
Rose Garden Lane
Rose Garden Road
Rose Petal Lane
Roundtop Road

Roy Road
Ruby Ridge Drive
Sally Circle
Sam Hill Road
Sanford Drive
Sanford Lane
Sanford Road
Scarlett Drive
Schmidt Road
Scott Hollow Road
Scrougetown Church Road
Scrougetown Road
September Lane
Seth Hyatt Road
Shady Grove Road
Shady Lane
Shakerag Road
Shamrock Farm Road
Shenendoah Drive
Shepard Mountain Road
Shepard Road
Sherri Leigh Estates
Silver Road
Simmons Drive
Simmons Road
Sisson Road
Smallwood Road
Soloman’s Trail
Sourwood Lane
South County Road 158
South Jones Mill Road
South Lucius Road
South Old Tails Creek Rd.
South Orchard Circle
South Parks Road
South Piney Spur Road
South Side Church Street
Southern Pines Drive
Southern Pines Lane
Southern Road
Spring Creek Trail
Spring Drive
Squirrel Lane
Stanley Stover Road
Stegall Road
Stillwell Road
Stone Pile Gap Road
Stone Road
Stover Creek Road
Stover Creek Cove
Stover Trail
Summit Drive
Sunlight Road
Sunset Lane
Sutton Road
Tabor Road
Tails Creek Church Road
Talking Water Way
Talona Mountain Road
Talona Ridge Drive
Talona Road
Talona Spur
Tanglewood Lane
Tavern on the Hill Road
Teague Road
Teem Road
Thornwood Court
Tickanetley Road
Tilly Farm Road
Tilly Lane
Tilly Mill Court
Tilly Mill Road
Timber Falls Trail
Timber Ridge Lane
Tower Road
Trout Farm Road
Turniptown Road
Turtle Ridge Road
Twiggs Drive
Tyler Road
Valley Drive
Vanilla Lane
Village Park Drive
Village Park Lane
Violet Lane
W. Mountaintown Trail
Walnut Ridge Lane
Walnut Ridge Terrace
Warlick Circle
Warlick Drive
Water Wheel Way
Watson Road
Weeks Road
West Mountaintown Trail
West Teague Road
Whispering Wind Lane
Whitecliff Drive
White Oak Drive
Whitepath Road
Whitepath Springs Road
Whitepath Way
White Stone Road North
Wildcat Creek Drive
Wildcat Creek Road
Wilderness Trail
Willard Mountain Road
Wimpy Road
Wind Wing Way
Wingate Road
Wing Circle
Wishon Drive
Withrow Road
Wolf Pen Gap Road
Wolves Trail
Wood Oak Trail
Woodhaven Drive
Woodridge Drive
Yukon Road
Zion Hill Road
Zion Hill Graveyard Road

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